Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On the table now - IW Rhinos and EC Champion

Back to work on the CSMs. I've these Rhinos and the accompanying Forge World extra armor bits on my table for at least a year. They are always there looking at me. Judging. I even got the Iron Warrior front bits and doors. I started from a black primer and undercoated the whole Rhino with Boltgun Metal before attaching the armor. After gluing on the armor, I gave it a pretty heavy drybrush (bordering on an overbrush) of Chainmail paying special attention to the armor bits that were still black. I'll go over the whole model with a drybrush of Chainmail using a bigger brush. That should sufficiently brighten the model. After that, I'll paint on the gold with Shining Gold. I do not know how I am going to handle the washing. I may dilute some Dev Mud and use a friend's spray gun to wash the whole thing. Regardless, I'll need to paint on Badab Black into the places where I want deeper shadows. 

Painting large models is much different than paining infantry. You have to be extra careful on how you shade and highlight them. Also, they require a fair amount of weathering or they just look funny. No tank in service looks fresh and clean. they are always scuffed and beaten up a bit. Luckily that is pretty easy to do with most colors. When your whole tank is metal, that makes it hard. If I just do Mithril it won't show up. I'll have to look over on Cool Mini or Not for ideas.

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