Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vyndica - Dark Eldar Hellions

My second commission on Vyndica and first real win on that site. A person that goes by the name of Flayed Ewok payed me $120 to paint 5 Dark Eldar Hellions in The Severed color scheme. I had played around with purple minis with the Living Saint and my flailed attempt at a Sisters of Battle army. Since then I used purple extensively on my Space Hulk Genestealers and Lictors. It was in those last minis that I relly feel that I got to understand purple as a color.

Now, we are friends. I can make it do what I want seemingly intuitively. Black wash loves purple. Purple wash loves purple. It mixes will with white to make highlights. It mixes well with black to make shades. It is like the ain't-red. It is so forgiving and easy-going.

I sprayed these minis black and based them Xereus Purple. They got a black wash and a touch up with Xereus Purple again. After that there is a small highlight of Genestealer Purple and the purple areas are finished. I used the same technique on the boards as I did the purple cloth.

The blue-green areas were painted Sotek Green, washed black and touched up. A short highlight of Temple Guard Blue and those areas are finished. If you are thinking that this sounds a lot like the technique that I used on Greg's Cult minis and my Genestealers, then you would be correct. The basic order of the colors of paint is the same but the way they are applied differs.

That is what where a painter's expertise comes into play. The order and type of paint is important but fabric needs to be painted in a different manner than hard surfaces like the boards. Each reflect and absorbs light differently and thus have to be painted in a different manner. 

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