Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On The Table - Deathwatch

It has been a while since anything Deathwatch has been on the table. I've been painting up a storm on commissions from Vyndica. First Nate's Haemonculus then the current Hellions. I've been farting around a little with my own projects but not making much progress.

The bodies are mostly finished. I am working on the weapons right now. I bough some assembled Infernus Heavy Bolters because they were a steal and I knew that I would want at least 4 in the end. These two will bring me up to 3 and that is plenty for now.

The dream is to land a Drop Pod with 4 of these guys and ruin a squad's day. What to do with them after that is a mystery. They will probably suffer the same fate that the Dreadnought in a Drop Pod suffers.

The other mini is the next in line of the Black Shields. 22 for the Vet, 15 for the Black Shield, 15 for the Power Weapon and 15 for the Grav Pistol makes this single mini a whopping 67 points. This is down by about 20 points from the other Black Shields but it still expensive. He is worth three Vets the way he is kitted out. I can't not give him a Power Weapon given that his only reason for existing is to double his number of Attacks in close combat. No way I am going to let anyone save against them. For the low low cost of 15 points not only do you get a Plasma or Grav-pistol but replacing the Bolter with a pistol gets and additional attack. I am still fuzzy on whether this is base Attacks or total number of attacks. The latter seem more appropriate for the 15 points.

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