Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shapeways Deathwatch Pauldrons

I spent some of my fun money early and bought the solution the my Deathwatch terminator problems from Shapeways. They skipped super-fast. I had them in my hand before the week was out. The quality is pretty good. I think that they are comparable to the GW ones on the Deathwatch: Overkill box.They are not a precise match but they are close enough. It really makes me want to get a micro 3D printer but I would never be able to make my own scupts even with my decade-old knowledge of CAD design. The best I could hope for would be to get in with a community of people that publish 40k bits templates and copy or modify them.Best case is I could sell them or rent the machine to locals.

One of the pauldrons did come shattered but the rest are fine. That is more than I need. I hope Shapeways will replace the bit but don't care if they don't.

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