Friday, July 22, 2016

On The Table - Deathwatch Librarian and Dark Angel

Some minor changes but it shows how a little detail can really bring depth and life to a mini.  

I finished the detail on the black armor and did all of the sepia washing. The gold is my "simple gold" that is Mournfang Brown, Gehenna's Gold, Runefang Steel, Seraphim Sepia wash, touch up with Runefang Steel. I decided to try and do two different kind of parchment/cloth. Typically, I paint cloth and parchment the same and that is Rakarth Flesh, Ushabti Bone, Seraphim Sepia, touch up with Ushabti Bone. Because there are Purity Seals and the robe to paint in the same squad and on the same mini, I want to make them distinct. I think the way I am going to do that is skip the Ushabti Bone on the cloth, shade it deeper and maybe paint some mud on it near the hem. 

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