Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Almost Finished - Deathwatch Assault Marines

Three More Marines join the ranks of my third Space Marine army (the first being Blood Angels and the second Space Wolves). These three Marines round out my Assault Squad. From left to right, they are Ultra Marines, Salamanders and Flesh Tearers. I am very happy with how they turned out. I used a lot of tricks to get them to turn out so well from my way of painting black to layering washes to trying to get each color right. There are so many colors on these minis. Usually, I just keep out the paints that I need to work on a single project. Even with that in mind, there are dozens of pots of paint on the painting station right now just for these minis. 

Up next are a Space Wolf and Ultramarine Tactical Marines likely followed by 2-3 other Tactical Marines. I have 5 other dedicated Tactical Marines from a previous project. With the Iron Hands Marine that is already finished, this will give me a solid 10 block of Tactical Marines to draw from. 

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