Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Finished - Deathwatch Librarian and Dark Angel

These minis came together really quickly at the end. There is a still a little detail work to do on them but for the most part they are finished. 

I magnetized both of the backpacks with the intention of being able to swap them for Jump Packs later. I already have a static Librarian for Deathwatch and wanted the ability to put a Jump Pack on him. The Dark Angel can be used to bulk out Assault Squad numbers if needed. 

I also planned to magnetize Chaplain Cassius. Just like with the Librarian, I already have a Cassius model with a standard back pack. 

I did a subtle conversion to the Librarian where a filed his feet to make it look like he is leaning forward. It is not really evident when next to the Dark angel but I like it. I may have over done it. I think I would have been happier with 5 degrees more vertical.

Up next are the Imperial Fist Devastator and Chaplain Cassius. Those are the last of the standard Power Armor Marines in the Deathwatch: Overkill box. I'll still need to flesh out a Devastator squad just for my own piece of mind. It is also a great excuse to buy the new Devastator box. The Deathwatch Terminator and Bike projects are going to have to wait until after we move. 

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