Saturday, September 19, 2015

The X-Wing collection grows

Part of the reason for the drop off in posting frequency is the excitement for Fallout 4. I spent the last month playing through Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and now Skyrim. In each case, I stated a new character and played from scratch. I know those games so well, that I hit the highnotes and got to a place were I was a walking god looting the watelands with impunity and also with no greater purpose. It is the methadone to the china white that I hope Fallout 4 will be. 

Also very distracting is X-wing. After buying the starter set I bought what you see in the picture for about $100 which is about half retail from a nice guy locally. 50% is what I like to pay for things that are not new and it seems that the bottom has fallen out of early-wave X-wing stuff. 

I am coming to suspect that the guy I bought them from kept or sold several of the cards for this set which is coming to to understand is a common practice. See, you don't get everything you need to play from buying what you need really. You get dice, range rulers and movement things, but you would need to buy the full range to get all the pilots and upgrade cards. This would be like if you only got Frag Grenades in the Tactical Marine box and Krak Grenades in the Assault Marine box. To some extent this is true with GW already but Fantasy Flight has really perfected it. There are greedy DBs everywhere trying to capitalize on reselling cardsfor insane prices. 

Myself, I am going to print the cards I need. A person at the FLGS told me that "The rules say specifically that you have to use FF cards." This is just like GW saying that minis need to be 50% GW parts to be in competitive play. I dislike competitive play and am a completionist so I'll print my cards and buy what I need. 

I don't resent these companies trying to make money. That is their end game after all (pun intended).  What I don't understand is why they leave the secondary sales to other people. I get that it takes time, money and resources to run that kind of side business but if DBs on eBay can make money on it, why not open a separate department to sell bits and cards? It seems like you could control the market much better than people asking $30 per card for alternate art or $15 plus shipping for a Trygon tail. 

Initially, I just wanted to play Rebels and was going to trade the Imperial half of this deal with a local buddy that also got bit by the X-wing bug. Now I am thinking that I want to play not only both factions but also Scum when I get to reinvesting in the game. 

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