Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Finished - Custom Keeper of Secrets

In return for painting a big ole pile of Khorne Cultists, My buddy Greg over at CrankyOldGamer converted me up a a custom Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, the Keeper of Secrets. I supplied the bits and he did the converting. He also did a bang up job taking my idea and running with it. I was going to use the weapons from the Daemon Prince kit but Greg swapped them for the swords from some weird Dark Elf WFB kit. I sent the trygon tail but Greg wisely changed it to the Hive Tyrant tail. He put together a better conversion than I could have. 

As far as painting, I tried to paint it in the same scheme as the other Daemons of Slaanesh that are already finished and to a lesser extent the Noise Marines. For the Daemon Princess, I swapped the pink skin and black armor for each other because I am better at painting black than the weird pink that the Slaanesh minis have on them. I decided to keep that theme going as this would have been a LOT of pink skin to paint. 

I think that the whole family looks pretty good together.

I like the Shiva goddess thing that the mini has going on, the use of classic parts with the newer plastic parts. 

I dislike how much black and little pink is showing. I could have painted on tattoos or stripes of something to fix this. I may do that in the future, but, let's face it, I probably wont.

Super difficult to put a value on a mini like this. There is more than half of a plastic Daemonprince kit in there so let's start at $41. The Hive Tyrant tail runs for about $5. The swords from the Cauldron of Blood are kind of hard to get a hold of and could be between $5 and $15. Let's average $10 for the pair. The crushing claws are everywhere and anyone with a Tyranids bits box would have some lying around. It would be very hard to find that classic KoS head and it is impossible to put a value on it. Total for just the bits is $56. The conversion work is worth about $40 as a estimation. the paint is worth about the same. Total replacement for this model is $140. 

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