Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finished - Badrukk

Holy cow this is deceptive mini. You look at it in the books or even when it is painted and think, "Yeah, no big deal." Painting it is a whole different story. 

I made a few choices when painting it to adapt it to my painting style. The 'eavy Metal kids painted glyphs on all the metal plates and that was way outside of my skill. I dislike freehanding because it is too hard touch up later. What I opted for was painting the plated a solid color and then drawing on glyphs with a 0.05 pen later. 

The Badrukk in the Codex has a treasure map painted on his loin cloth. While that is thematic, fluffy and bad ass, it is outside of my skillset. I just painted it simple and brown. While this is a lot less fancy, it also does not draw attention away from the other detailed areas that I did paint well. 

I chose a simple color scheme for the mini and stuck to red and yellow as accent colors. I did this because I didn't want to turn him in to an Orky rainbow. Also, these are two colors that I am more comfortable with and they contrast well with the green skin. 

I noticed that in the fluff and on the mini, Badrukk is toting a kustomized Ripper Gun for the IG/AM. It is hard to see from the pictures, but I tried to paint the cowling on the gun in OD green. 

I like how the mini turned out. It is hard to pick specifics. I am learning how to add depth to my green skin by using a purple base. I think that I made it bright and colorful without it turning into a gaudy circus. 

It is also hard to pick out things that I dislike. It is hard to put a finger on it, but the mini does not look cohesive. I think that is because I didn't weather any of the painted metal.

The mini retails for about $22 currently but this bad boy is metal. I estimate that replacing him would be about $25. Paint job is very good for me at about a 8/10 and valued at $40. Total replacement value is $65. In addition to being pretty darn good, the paintjob is also non-specific to an Ork army and would fit in just about anywhere. I think that someone might trade a large box for this mini so trade value is $70-80. 

Up next I am going to try and clear some bugs off of my desk before I start on the 30 Khorne Cultists project. 


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