Friday, September 11, 2015

Finished - Khorne Cultists

This is the finished product for Greg at Cranky Old Gamer according to his wishes. I am not super-happy with how it turned out as it appears too dark for my tastes. I like high contrast minis with bright highlights and black shadows. This mini has mid-tone highlights and brown shadows. Not my taste but that is what the client requested. He seems happy with it. 

In return for one beautifully converted Greater Daemon and one rehabbed Greater Daemon, I have to paint 30 Khorne Cultists. That is a lot for me but I am happy to do it for the awesome work that I received. I could not have done half as well myself and for that I am grateful. 30 Cultists grateful. 

At this point I just need to streamline my process. I did one, now I am doing three. I am going to try to do the 5 at a time until they are done and then mail them back to Greg with my next project. 

The "Paint for Minis" program is just like turns in 40k. On my turn I feel like I am king of the world, but on my opponent's turn, I feel like I am on the firing line. When Someone else is sculpting or giving me minis, I feel like a king. When I am painting, I feel like a slave. (No judgement, Greg. I love our arrangement). 

So far, I have had very little luck getting people to pay me for already painted minis on BT. Seems that people want custom painted minis instantly for half of what they would pay retail. 

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