Sunday, April 5, 2015

Finished - Two Commissars

I finished the two Commissars that I was working on. I think they turned out comparable to the first one that I did. I don't think that I improved on anything but they did paint up faster than the first one. I think that I am learning when to quit messing with a color and move on. 

I like the depths and variety of color even in the browns, the clean but well-used look of the wargear and the faces. I was able to paint the khaki in different tones by washing it black, Agrax Earthshade and sepia washes then touching back up. The effect is nice. I also washed the wargear a variety of colors then touched back up with Mythril Silver. I am getting better at faces and trying to use only 4 steps. 

I dislike the lack of weathering and the level of detail on the Plasma Pistol. I had intended to drybrush on Steel Legion Drab onto the bottom parts of the minis to represent dust and weathering but I forgot. It needed to be done, washed and touched up and I just skipped it. I painted the cooling coils on the pistol silver and then washed blue. The new blue wash (Draken Nightshade) is darker and less blue than Asurmen Blue. Usually I touch up things after but I skilled the minute details on the pistol this time. 

Retail value for these minis is $16 each. Given that they are older out of print minis we can round that up to $20 each for replacement cost. Paintjob is 7/10 for me and valued at $20 each. Total value of each mini is $40. Trade value is $55 each. I think that each is worth a Codex.

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