Saturday, May 17, 2014

Finished - Commisar

I got this guy for a song on Bartertown and decided to paint him up for fun. I listed him on a Bartertown trade site and got a Stronghold Assault. I had the PDF of it but a $33 book for a mini that maybe cost me $10 and a few hours is a good deal. The thing that kills it is the shipping. I try not to think too had about it as it would mean that I would never do this sort of thing. It is like the price of admission. You just take for granted that both parties are going to pay $5-$15 for each transaction.

I had no plans for this mini. I do not play IG/AM and don't really have plans to. I was going to use him as a Lord Commissar for an Militarum Tempestus army that is in storage but why would you ever give a Commisar a Power Fist? Seems silly.

I honestly thought the book was $55 like a Codex but $33 for this mini is not bad. 

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