Saturday, April 4, 2015

Finished - Necron Flyer

I love the Doom Scythe/Night Scythe kit. It is affordable as it is priced at $45 which is pretty standard for a Flyer. The real great thing is how easy the kit is to assemble and paint. It does not look like it, but there are very few parts to it.  Most of these that I see are sprayed silver and called "finished" after a little green is painted on the lenses and weapons. Necrons really suffer from the bad rep they have had since 3rd (let's be honest, since forever) of drybrushing silver. It s sad. 

The rules are also great. The armor is a little light at AV 11 (pretty standard for Flyers) but it has Living Metal to offset that. It carries 12 models and is the only thing that can transport units that are not Warriors. 

When this unit first appeared, the Necron 'flying circus" was a big deal. Players would take 6 Night Scythes full of whatever and 3 Doom Scythes. This was successful because the Scythe were some of the first Flyers and there were not many (or really any) counters to this new unit. I think the thing that killed this netlist is the firming up of the rule that if you have no minis on the table at the start of your turn, then you lose the game. Since flyers start in reserve and the increased prevalence of anti air weaponry, people that want to run a full flying circus, are risking losing the game.

I have already talked about how I painted this mini (and some of the hurdles that I caused for myself) in an earlier post.

I also magnetized all the weapons. It is easy to understand why I would magnetize the Deathray and Portal to change it between a gunship and a transport. I also magnetized the Twin-linked Tesla Destructor in case they are destroyed. 

The kit costs $45 retail and the magnetizing is valued at about $10. The paint job went well but took some time. I value that at $40. Total replacement cost is $95. I doubt anyone would trade for this mini as it is a pretty unusual color scheme. I don't think that I would trade it for less as having it completed is worth too much to me.

My next big project is a Rhino dedicated to Nurgle with nothing planned after that. I have a few side projects like the Commissars and some Necron units but nothing firm. I think I am just going to paint what I like for a bit. 

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