Friday, September 30, 2016

Finished - Brother Art E Miss

I love how this mini turned out. 

In the fluff, Brother Artemis is a member of the Mortifactors Chapter, a fairly morbid successor Chapter of the Ultramarines. I could have painted him as a Blood Angel as theya re my chosen Chapter, but I wanted to stick to the fluff, you know like you do. 

Everything else is pretty standard regarding the color scheme. I did incorporate the red stripes to denote squad number on the right knee, a new addition to the Deathwatch heraldry. I also had to use a vehicle transfer for the skull emblem on the right shoulder guard. 

I tried to do a dumbed-down version of the Grey Knight-style Power Weapon but I think it got lost in the dry brushing. I intentionally skipped the white hard-edge highlighting that I normally do on Power Weapons didn't think it would look quite as good on a mini of this scale. The buled metal seemed like enough. 

This mini is out of print and goes for an average of $55 on eBay. I feel like I spent about that worth in time on this mini and value the paint job at $55. The custom base is worth about $2. Total replacement cost is valued at $111. 

Up next are more Deathwatch minis but before that I need to finish the Aberrants that have languished on the painting table.

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