Saturday, September 24, 2016

Finished - Cypher of Deathwatch

Finally finished my dual-pistol, Cypher for Deathwatch and I am rather proud of how it turned out. 
For starters this is a completely illegal model at least the way that I plan to field it. As I have already discussed, you can't give Veterans two pistols. I could have given him a Jump Pack and it would have been completely legal to swap the CCW for a Plasma Pistol, but that was too far outside of the fluff for this mini. Cypher is not a Descent of Angels Jump Pack Marine. He is a bad ass, up in your face, foot slogging, two gun killing machine. I feel that this deference to the fluff makes up for the mild rule breaking that this model does. 

Base cost is 22 points per mini for a Deathwatch Veteran which is steep given the downward trend we have seen in 40 points over the past 10 years. For that you get a Veteran stat line compete with two Attacks and Leadership 9. Other than that, they die like Marines. The Plasma Pistol runs you 15 points weather you are Veteran, Vanguard or Watch Commander. That seems a little strange as the application of each is uneven. It just seems lazy.

That makes this mini 37 points but for that you get a Special Ammunition shot and a Plasma Pistol shot on the charge and 3 Attacks base (4 on the charge). That is pretty nasty as that is potentially 2 or 3 dead minis from this one guy or more dead given best circumstances. 

I made the choice to paint him in Pre-Heresy Dark Angel colors as Cypher would not deign to adopt the colors of the Heretics. It makes him overall very black in tone but the robe helps. I added the Dark Angel wings and some detail to the face to finish off the model.

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