Monday, September 26, 2016

On The Table - Brother Artemis

This bad little monkey is coming along well. Now, I don,t play Inquisitor and likely never will but this model is awesome. My friend Matthias gave this to me and I almost broke my legs trying to get him home and get some paint on him. 

Painting it is a different story than 32mm Heroic scale minis. For starters shading is a lot harder. I had to wash and touch up this mini twice as much. The blacks do not look as black as his small brothers. I will say that highlighting is a dream. I feel like I have such fine control on this size of a mini. Even my worst detail brushes feel like lasers on a mini of this size. 

I ended up using vehicle transfers on this mini for the Chapter symbol and the "I" on the knee. It has been a long time coming for this mini that will never see a second of table time but he is almost done.

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