Friday, May 9, 2014

On the table now - Terminator Captain with Lightning Claws

Still on hiatus from the Ork Wrecker. I am using putting that project off to clear some long term projects from the painting table. That's productive procrastination. I finished my Terminator project for the moment with three squads of 10 men each and I am rounding out my TDA HQ and special characters. I already have a Captain with TH/SS based on Lysander and a captain with PW/CP based on the Space Hulk Captain. Now that this guy is complete, I have all permutations of of Belial only red. 

This mini is based on the most awesome LC Terminator from Space Hulk. I already had a mini of him from a trade on Bartertown. That mini had all the BA symbols destroyed and it took me a long time to rehab it. 

To convert this mini a Captain I had to do some changes. I dremeled out the face from the front piece in order to do a head swap. I also clipped off the chain on his right shoulder guard in order to apply some wings to the shoulder. I nicked a cape from the Deathwing box (also a trade from Bartertown) because any good captain need a cape. Initially, I wanted to use a Grey Knight head but, in keeping to having all my Captain bare-headed for good personality, I elected to swap for a Blood Angel head. 

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