Monday, May 5, 2014

Finished - Warsmith and Yarrick

 The Ork Wrecker sits on my painting table just looking at me mockingly. I knows that I maybe bit off more than I could chew in converting and painting and it laughs an evil laugh. So I am taking a break to clear some more minis out of the backlog. 

I traded for both of these guys on Bartertown in different trades. The Warsmith was rehabbed from a Sons of Horus color scheme of sea-green and gold that was atrocious. I painted him in my traditional Iron Warrior color scheme of chainmail, yellow and gold. I was tempted to convert him up a bit as I have an old metal Warsmith from ages ago that I converted to have a servo harness and that mini would be a great stand in for a Warsmith. In the end, I saw that any wargear that I might put on a Warsmith did not necessarily need to me modeled or could be placed on a separate base. 

I think he turned out ok. There was not much room for creativity in his paint job. I showed some spunk in painting the whole left shoulder guard yellow and letting the recessed areas be black stripes. Other than that and the ax (not visible in this photo), there was no opportunity to paint the yellow and black stripes on this mini. I did do a head swap for a horned helmet from the WFB range. I would give this guy a 7 of 10 for my skill. I think he would get a 7 on CMoN. For some reason newer minis tend to get rated higher as does conversion work and metal-colored minis. I don't know why that it but the trolls tend to rate shiny thing higher on there. 

Yarrick was bare metal when I traded for him. I don't even play IG/AM but I love this mini. I am experienced enough at painting his core colors to tackle this mini. I wish I had painted the claw different colors. I did not read his background until after I started painting him. As the claw came from an Ork Warboss, I would have liked to have it a little more beaten up. I could see him wanting it guilded to cover up the Xeno taint, and that's just what I will tell anyone that asks. 

I think this is a decent mini. There are a lot of him out there floating around and I do not think mine stands out from the middle of the pack. I think it is a 5 of 10 for me and maybe a 6 on CMoN. I rate him so low because I really cheated by painting large swaths of the metal the same color when a more detailed approach would have been braver. 

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