Monday, April 28, 2014

On the table now - The Horrors, the Horrors

Ugh! I started painting these guys a long time ago. I was not satisfied with how they turned out and pretty much just swept them to the side of the painting table. There they collected dust for months. Every once and a while, the painting table gets too cluttered with half-finished projects and I spend some time just finishing things. These stupid Horrors are one of those things. 

My idea was to paint their skin in a blue/green iridescent color reminiscent of a Jeweled Beetle's shell. I had done something like this with my Vespids. It was as easy as drybrush green, drybrush blue, drybrush interference paint. It was simple and looked great from what I remember. That is what I did to these guys and it looked awful. I tried to fix it by washing it green or blue and nothing helped. I became disgusted and give up. 

In the vein of just getting them done, I decided to press on with this awful idea and make the best of it. I drybrushed some more interference paint on the raised edges in a effort to add some depth and brighten the overall model. I painted the gold in my shining gold style (brown, gold, drybrush silver, wash sepia, touch up silver) which I love because it is fast, you can be sloppy and it looks great. I added in some red on the tongues, eyes and some of the gems for contrast. 

I am not happy with the way they are turning out. They are not the blue/green iridescent that I wanted. They are too dark and with little depth. I would give them a 4/10 of my current skill. Really I just want them done. I think they will look ok on the table though.

In retrospect, I could have done better by leaving more of the black undercoat showing and giving the model shading that way. 

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