Monday, March 3, 2014


I have not been posting much because I have been painting up a storm. Here are the 12 boys that ride in that sexy Trukk I posted about before. I could have posed them a little better, but time is up the essence here. They will get a photo shoot when I have more of an army to show off.

I would have preferred to have my Bad Moons be 'Arh Boys or Shoota Boyz but I needed to get my Ork painting down. There is nothing to say that I can not do them like that later. Also, if anything, Bad Moons as just Boyz is in keeping with the ironic Clans vs units theme that I am going for. I still tried to keep thrie ride and the unit as kitted out as I can by adding in all the upgrades.

I don't have time to do an epic post but there are a few little conversions that I want to show off:

This is my Nob. He is an AOBR Nob with a few tweaks. I don't know if it counts as a head swap if all the parts are interchangeable, but I picked out that head specifically. I love Iron Gobs and think they look so cool. I added a scope to his drum-fed pistol. There is something about that sentence that excited me a lot. 

I also dug through my bits box after the mini was painted and tried to find a Boss Pole for him. I lucked out and found a WFB Bad Moon icon and some weird banner. With some yellow paint, it made for a perfect Boss pole. I mounted it off center because I felt it evened out a lopsided model. 

The most noticeable conversion is the Dreadnought power fist (Notice not Dreadnaught. That common misspelling really drive me up the walls.). While it is a little out of scale for this mini, I still love the idea of him ripping it off a Dread and thinking "I could use that!" Rather than just gluing a bit from a different army onto this mini, I had to convert it up at least a little. I added in a armor plate on the top to break up the outline. In retrospect, I should have cut a hole in the bit and used the armor plate to cover it. The way it is sitting now looks like I just glued it on top of the arm, which is what I did. I also glued the power plant from the ax onto the fist as an Orky bit. It looks a little globbed on but I do not know how I could have fixed that. 

I should have taken a picture of this guy from the other side to really show off the arm. I took the close combat attachment from an IG Sentinel and just used it as an arm. It is a quick and easy conversion that looks great and is completely in keeping with the Orky philosophy. I used a SM should pad (also known as a pauldron) to cover the uneasy transition from metal bit to Orky body. 

This is a little thing but it works out well. I used an Imperial Fist shoulder pad as an Orky one. I like using clearly looted bits in the Orks. It makes for a fun army. 

Here is an example of fun conversions. I had two Big Shoota Boys from AOBR but no guns. I converted each of them to a Boy by adding some bits. 

The one on the left got a cut down Shoota for a pistol. I cut the long barrel off and replaced it with a Storm Bolter bit I had laying around from the Combi-weapon conversion. I cut the arm at the wrist and re-positioned it into a more shooty pose. In retrospect, I wish I had given him more of a gangsta shooting style by holding the gun sideways. Doing that is pretty played out and very trite, but in this case, I think it would have looked better than the pose I ended up with. EDIT: After some thought, I remodeled the mini with the gansta pose and I love it. 

The one on the right, got a knife in his hand. The pose is ambiguous in that he could be cause in either a back swing from slashing right in front of him or in the fore swing getting ready to stab in front of him. 

Both minis got a guy plate because the AOBR mini's gun mounts into his belly. For one I used a SM shoulder pad and for the other one I made Fist-Full of Dollars armor our of some cut up plasticard. 

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