Monday, February 24, 2014

Finished - Tau Darkstrider

Took a quick break from all those damn Orks to paint up Darkstrider. I decided that I was going to paint all of the Tau special characters in unique colors rather than the ice blue color scheme the rest of the army has. I knew that with a name like Darkstrider, I was going to pick a dark color pallet. I went with black jumpsuit and dark blue armor. I took a leaf out of the Dark Eldar book and tried to use the "black as a color" scheme. I did not start with black on the gun and armor but did start with a very dark blue then wash it black. After a little touch up, I did some hard edge highlight with a bright blue (I think Regal Blue).

I am happy with how he turned out. I thought that the mini turned out overall too dark so I tried to make the base darker than the mini. It did not work as well as I thought I would but turned out ok. He certainly stands out next to the rest of the army. 

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