Monday, February 10, 2014

Finished - Ork Trukk

 I have many armies. I am not bragging here, but one of my buddies says that playing me is like playing an entire local gaming club. I have about 4k in Blood Angles, 2k in Grey Knights, 3k in CSM, 2k in Space Wolves, 2k in Necrons, 2k in Tau in addition to a Baneblade and  Warhound Titan. All of that is painted and based. If I were a little bit more of a shut in, I would just play Apocalypse games in the living room against the cat.

Add to that long list Orks. At the start of 2012, I told myself that I would start painting new armies. Since then I have started Space Wolves and grown that army a lot. I have also rehab-ed a lot of my Tau. Now it is starting my (counts) 7th army!

This Trukk I bought off of Bartertown and it was mostly painted. The guy I bought it from was not really happy with what it looked like but all it needed was some highlighting and shading and it was ready for the table. I was not aware that it was missing so many parts when I bought it. It is missing a bar that goes over the top of the back bed and a boarding plank. The guy did magnetize the boarding plank in an ingenious way.

The plan for the Orks is to make a bunch of different clans but in unusual combination with the units. For instance, most people make their Bikers as Evil Suns (Speed Freaks). But I am going to make my Lootas as Speed Freaks with a Trukk. The Idea is that these Orks shoot up an tank or bikes, then drive up and strip them. I think I am going to try and convert their Trukk to a wrecker for those purposes.

I started with some Boyz because I had to. The Trukk was already painted in Bad Moon colors, so I painted my first squad that way too. More on them later!

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