Thursday, May 3, 2012

On the table now - Drop Pod and GK Termies

A week between updates is unacceptable, Vurumai. Unacceptable! But life and other stuff intercedes and takes precedent. 

I got some good painting time in today. The Drop Pod in the front is coming along nicely. I am keeping the completed DP on the bench to make sure that I am being consistent with my painting and weathering. Just have to shade, highlight and finishing weathering with the reentry burn. I probably should have highlighted before I did the chipping and weathering but I'll just work around it. Usually, I use the chipping to hide mistakes but it i hard to do that when you do things ass about face. 

I also started the GKTs that I promised to get done. I've literally just clipped them off the sprue and  glued them to the base. There is a long road to get them done. A buddy (Justin) just texted and told me that he is painting up some banners for me. I hate painting those things and he is fast and talented. 

Other than that, I got an awesome game in with my Necrons against Tony that I'll have to write up later. It changed how I think about Necrons. 

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