Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finished - 3x Grey Knight Terminators

It feels like I have been working on these guys forever but you can stick a fork in them.

I was trying to fill in the gaps from repainting and refurbishing my old metal GKTs. I had no Grey Knight terminators wearing red with the dual weapons. Rather than arm them with the two short swords I used the style of full-sized sword and smaller off-hand weapon that I liked for my power armored Grey Knights. 

I had no warding staffs because those options were never available in metal. I am not super-happy with his pose but it is ok. He looks like he is going to bring the pimp hand against someone after he swats your lascannon blast out the air.

I had psycannons in metal, but I used all my bits to put together one Brother and one leader. In order to fill out a full Paladin squad, I need two of each special weapon. The other GKT that has a psycannon has a hammer so I went with a sword for the bump in the Invul save. 

I also uploaded these pics to CMoN and expect some good results.

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