Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finished - 3 GKPA

Stick a fork in these guys because they are done! I got a long day of painting in and have these 3 dudes to show for it. They are all metal bodies. The Darth Maul lightsaber looking thing is obviously a conversion that counts as the dual weapons. I have halberds coming out of my ears as that is what all the GKPAs came with back in the day. Snip off the hands and you can attach them to the metal handle. The only down sides are that it makes it a little awkward to store them in foam and they are a little hard to spot on the table top. 

The fellow on the far right has a plastic arm. I did him last and because of the pose of the model, the sword is right in in front of the storm bolter. It doesn't even look like he is spinning around to take a wack at someone. It is a really awkward model. Good thing he is little more than an ablative wound. 

Still need to work on the Drop Pod. I really hate vehicles but these damn drop pods have twice the paintable area of a Land Raider and that's just the outside. I've glued the doors shut on this one rather than magnetizing them. That is because I got it for a song from Bartertown because the goomba that tried to assemble it did a crappy job of assembling. The doors are were all mucked up and rather then trying to fix them, I just glued them shut and was done with it. 


  1. First, your painting is just off the chain, dude. Fully bad-ass.

    Second, please tell me you did not actually put "Balls" on that guy's shoulder pad ribbon. ;D

    1. The painting looks a lot flatter than they do IRL.

      And yes, I named him Balls. I am running out of awesome names to give these guys. There are too damn many of them!. So I have come to naming them whatever word I hear on whatever movie or podcast is on at the time. This time it was Anchorman and they were talking about how Ron Burgundy was the balls. I figured why not? Who is going to notice?

    2. That rocks in the best possible way.

      "Brother Chaplain, I have a question."
      "Yes, Heroic Veteran Brother Balls, what is it?"