Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beer, painting and movies.

The trifecta of awesome.

Tonight is my Saturday night and I am living it up. Unfortunately I've had too much of the first thing to do any more of the second thing. Thus I am only doing the third thing and not the second thing.

Any guesses on the movie?

In unrelated news I got into it with it with Brent on BoLS due to his being dumb and not being able to write a post worth a damn. I said that he is worthless and writes watered down articles. All I know is that he responded but neglected to read it. If I had to guess what it was, it is either an ad hominem attack or the old trope of " if you do not like it then you should do better," both of which are logical fallacies. Neither of those reasons addresses the accusation that his articles are garbage and seek only to distract from that point. Regardless of what he said, I am less interested in his response than in the original post. .

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  1. I believe the film would be "Analyze This." Because you can't talk about the second thing if you're not gonna talk about the first thing.