Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trying something new - Green Cygnar

At the beginning of this year I said that I wanted to branch out and try something new. This is my Cygnar force and it is anything but new. Nemo, Stryker and the Journyman Warcaster were all painted long ago. The redhead with the gun, Kara Sloan, was finished this week and she is a quantum leap in the detail level that I am used to from Privateer Press. It is particularly evident by looking at their cloaks and capes. The three boys have pretty plain and flat fabric while Kara is full of detail, buttons, ripples and layers. It was very hard to paint but ultimately rewarding. 

I worry a little about her assembly. That gun is attached to her arm through her elbow, but there was very little room to pin it so there is just glue holding that on. That is a long bit and if it is mis-handled it is going to get pulled off. Also on the topic of the gun, is that it is a spindly and thin metal bit. I just know that it is is going to get bent and likely broken. 

I have mixed feelings about this model, but I put her up on CMoN.

I have not played Warmachine in ages. My last game was almost a year ago. I have never won a Warmachine/Hordes game in my life. The first game I played was against a total jerk and from what I've seen since then, jerks abound in this game. 

I play to have fun and there is just too much competitiveness inherent in this game. Most people take the most deadly and competitive list they can and go for blood starting at Turn 1. That's not fun. I want to see if I can take fun and weird units and make them do what I want on the table. 

It is an unresolved conflict of philosophies.

Tonight is WarmaHordes at the FLGS and I should go but won't. Tonight is my Sunday and I would rather spend it painting. While kind of fun, playing is pretty stressful and playing is relaxing. I need some quiet time before going into the work week rather than coming home tired and twisted up. 

To the brushes!


  1. I've never play Warmachine but some of the models are very cool. These look good, dude.

    1. I am not happy with how parts of the Kara paintjob turned out. I am not great with skin yet but the cloth was super easy.