Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painting at the FLGS

Decided to take the Drop Pod and the Battle Foam on the road today for some painting at the friendly local gaming store not the CLGS. I am starting to see the appeal. Without the distractions of email and the distractions of my room, I got considerable work done. I painted all the black base coat and started the metals.

It was a little more difficult as I did not have access to all m paints and brushes so that limited what I could paint. Even that drawback may have contributed to getting more done as I could apply all my attention to the few things that I could paint.

It is quiet here and a nice change. The only real downside is since I took up space in a retail store for a while, I feel obligated to buy something to pay for that. Maybe I'll try out some of the new paints!

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