Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moving the Goalpost

The last post got me thinking about setting some actual goals for 2012.
Are you men or are you mice?

  • Start a new army (Nids, Tau, Space Wolves, Sisters and Orks all in boxes) and paint it to a playable size (~1500 points)
  • Paint some vehicles! 2012 is the year of the vehicle! Need to paint the three Rhinos on the desk, a Vindicator and as many Drop Pods as I can get to.
  • Get some transport for figs. Need to place first Battlefoam order and get some transports for my TMM.
  • Do something other than 40k. There is Warmachine, Fantasy, et al out there. I should maybe pick up a new game.
  • Learn to paint some new colors. Yellow and purple are high on the list. I also want to work more greens into my metals and learn to paint patina and rust better.
  •  Get more gaming in. I've fallen out of playing and that's not cool. I played 4 games last year but enjoyed them all. It is just a function of going down to the gaming store with an army and rolling some dice.
In Jan next year, I'll check back and see how much I got done.

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