Sunday, February 12, 2017

On The Table - Warbuggies

Painting progressed on the Warbuggies. this is my first time doing stripes and crosses on such a large scale. I am going forward with the "dukes of Hazard" theme but nothing more overt than blue crosses on orange background with some white to be added later.

At this point, the base colors and patterns are down. The whole mini will be washed Agrax Earthshade then drydrushed either Ironbreaker or Runefang Steel. Then the real work begins. the red aread need to be layered up to orange. No ide how many layers that will take but the last two colors are going to be Wild Rider Red and Troll Slayer Orange. How bright the blue ends up being will depends on how bright that orange ends up being.

I have been mulling around how to "fix" Warbuggies. Their current rules are crazy. AV 10 vehicle at 25 points does not seem to represent what they are on the table top. It is cool that they recently got Outflank as a special rule in the most recent Codex but 25 points seems steep for them being so paper thin in the armor department.

I'd rather light a candle than curse the darkness though. It seems that they could be better represented with rules more akin to an Space Marine Attack Bike. There are two Orks riding the model so a T5 W2 Sv3+ makes more sense. Then they could at least participate in assaults.

I think my ideal rules for them would be as follows. I would change them to a Bike unit with the following statline: WS 4, BS 2, S 3, T 5, W 3, I 2, A 4, Ld 7 Sv 4+. Basically I copied the Warbiker statline but bumped up the Wounds and Attacks to represent the additional passengers. With this change it could allow them to be added to a biker mod to give some additional firepower or to be fielded on their own very much similar to the Space Marine Attack Bike.

It may seem like like I am copy and pasting from the favored sons of 40k, but for consistency sake it makes sense to apply the rules across armies. Why can Attack Bike participate in Assaults but not Warbuggies? This makes no sense.

In addition, I feel that Warbuggies need another weapon. The driver needs a hull-mounted weapon of some sorts. Rather than copy the Attack Bike strategy of giving the driver a twin-linked weapon, a Warbike would have a twin-linked secondary weapon and a single fire main weapon. It is a toss up between a Shoota and a Dakkagun. I would settle on a single shot Dakka gun in addition to the twin-linked secondary weapon.

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