Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On The Table - Ork Warbuggies

It is not all Power Armor here at Tiny Metal Men. We do a little of everything. I've wanted to start work on these heavily converted Warbuggies. I was inspired by these conversions but ultimately took thinks my own way. I am not completely satisfied with how they came out. I did not intend them to all look like trikes but they did despite my efforts. I also wanted to use a biker for the driver of one but skipped that. I have far more Defkoptas than Bikes.

I re-purposed one old Wartrakk into an updated model. I had to replace the driver because that ugly old Ork had to go. I had to make a platform for the gunner to stand on so he could shoot over the head of the new bigger driver.

I magnetized most of the guns. I don't need everyone to be able to swap out weapons. The Wartrakk can of course mount a flamer in addition to a twin-linked Big Shoota and a Rokkit Launcha.

I can't wait to start painting them. I think that I'll use a "Dukes of Hazard" inspired theme but skipping all the Confederate flags. I am going to use orange as a main color with blue accents and white sparingly. Depending on how successful this is, I may do the Bikes in the same colors. 

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