Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On The Table - More Deathwatch

It has been slow going on these three guys.

I think that the furor for Deathwatch has died down. I've lost almost every game that I have played with them and that is not helping.

I got really excited about Black Shields and made two that were loaded out. In game play, they under-performed and that made me sad again. I made this more low-key version but I think the results will be the same.

I also got excited about the Infernus Heavy Bolters. I want four of them in a Drop Pod ruining my opponent's plans. I have not done this quite yet but I think, given the track record, that I will be disappointed again.

This was not meant to be a morose post regardless of how it sounds. I am pleased with my Deathwatch army and am looking to expand it further. 

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