Thursday, June 9, 2016

On The Table Now - Leviathan Crusader

Long time between updates but I have been hard at work. These Dreamforge minis are insanely complicated to assemble and paint. I have not assembled my GW Knight Titan yet but the Dreamforge Leviathans are more difficult to to assemble than anything I have ever experienced. They also take a lot of work on the front end when you paint before you assemble but really come together quickly at the end. 

At this point, all I have to finish on the body are the shoulder pads. The arms are in progress and should rap up soon. Because I skipped adding the armor on the arms, They should be able to be swapped for any other arms. The exception will be the gatling cannon. It has an awesome belt feed that it too cool to skip. It will only be able to be mounted on the right arm because of this. 

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