Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finished - Deathwatch Assault Marines

These minis turned out great!

They took forever because they were so detailed and involve so many different colors. From an armlength, they just look like overly black minis with a smattering of blue and red, but up close I used at least 6 different color techniques on each mini. I tried to keep it simple, but I could not resist adding details. Fir instance, the Tyranid skull on the Raven guard base is washed with a purple wash to tie it into the purple that I am using on the Genestealer Cultists. 

I am sticking to the 25 mm bases on these minis rather than using the new 30 mm bases because the Deathwatch minis I already have are on the 25 mm bases and I think the change is dumb. Though, it would have been useful for stability on these minis with a high and heavy center of gravity. 

The plan is to paint up three metal Vanguard Veterans as Deathwatch Marines. I am never going to use all the Vanguard Vets that I currently have and they make great Deathwatch Marines. They make it difficult to select wargear and all of them have at least one arm in a static position. For Chapters, I have selected Ultramarines, Salamanders and a Blood Angel of sorts. I can't decide if I want to try and free hand a Flesh Tearers symbol on a Marine or wuss out and use a BA decal. 

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