Saturday, June 11, 2016

Finished - Gawain, The Green Knight (AKA Green Man)

The Green Knight is complete. I snagged the name from an old story about a foolish knight, Gawain, that challenged a magical knight and lost his head. After reading that article, I realized that I could have named him Green Man. I like that name better anyway. I would love for him to charge up and land a Destroyer Strength hit right in the nards of a Stompa.

Forgive me. I've been drinking.

I made one big conversion by taking off the weird square sword and replacing it with a Dreadknight sword. The place where it joined is a little janky but overall it is a decent conversion. I had bought a Chainsword arm for a more convincing Knight Titan proxy. Thanks to how easy it is to swap out arms, that is not a concern right now.

The other arm is some sort of Gatling cannon. I painted the whole thing a neutral metal and did not add in any of the arm armor so that they can be swapped between the different minis. I somewhat regret not putting more detail into it as it came out kind of bland when compared to the close combat weapons.

Like the Mortis, I used some of my legit Knight Titan transfers on it st random. I still have plenty to finish my actual Knight Titan. They don't make a whole lot of sense in terms of position and type but they add an Imperial feel to the mini especially the wings and Aquila.

The paintjob is pretty standard with nothing to remark on. I washed the metal black then mud and drybrushed it silver at the end or between washed if it was getting to dark. I washed all the green armor with Biel-Tan Green and black in the really dark recesses. the Rhino on the base did not turn out as well as the Rhino on the base of the Mortis. I feel that is because I may have gone a little crazy with the dry brushing and it made the mini overall a little fuzzy looking.

The mini retails for about $80. Painting, assembly and base is worth at least that. I value this mini at $160 for all the time it ate up.

Up next is a bit of a cleanup phase for the workbench. I have a Greater Deamon of Tzeentch and the base for the Tau Barracuda to finish before moving onto painting some Deathwatch minis.

Speaking of Deathwatch, even though it only has two other people in it so far, the Deathwatch group is starting up this Wednesday and I am the only GM. that is going to eat into painting and blogging time. I am hoping the group really takes off but the flake out rate is pretty high. The people that are sticking around seem classy though. 

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