Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Recasts Received!

I got the box from the last post in the mail and I am not completely disappointed.

The Thunderwolves are resin recasts of the plastic kit but are pretty good quality. It is hard to tell if any bits are missing, as they came clipped from the sprues in a bag, but it all looks like it is there. It looks like they will go together the same as the plastic kit and once painted no one will know the difference. I really only wanted one wolf to round out my collection. Single wolves go for $14-$18 on eBay but I would not have gotten my choice of extra bits. For a little over twice the price of an eBay Thunderwolf, I got three times the minis (and bits!).

The Primaris Psyker was a real surprise in the he was metal. I was shocked and thought he was legit GW metal but the hastily cleaned mold lines lets me know that this is a recast. As much as we love to rib GW about letting garbage minis out of their warehouses that need extensive cleaning before they can be used, they at least try not to send actual garbage out. Regardless, I like metal more than resin and on a mini that has a staff, I am going to have fewer breaks because of it. I was sad when I realized that this mini was so close to retail, but the metal makes up for it.

The last mini that I am going to write about is the Emperor's Children Sonic Dreadnought. I love this mini and have wanted it for ages. It also rounds out my Cult Dreadnought/Helbrute project. I got it with Chainfist and Blastmaster. While there are no real rules for this wargear, I will either fudge it a little in casual games or use it as a proxy for Power Fist and Las Cannon.

Overall, some of the prices were a little high and there is always some uncertainty in dealing with a China recaster and not using Paypal. The guy that I emailed with said he would send a tracking number but never did and never cared to explain. It did not take the 8-16 weeks that it can sometimes take. Overall it is a pretty neutral experience.

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