Monday, February 15, 2016

Finished - Sonic Dreadnought

Glorious! I finished the Sonic Dreadnought and I am pretty pleased with the end results. 

I decided on gold trim rather than black and that necessitated alternating pink and black armor plates. I have already talked about some of the things that I dislike about the model in my previous post and the large armor plates was one of them. I could have broken up the armor plates more with some freehand, but I stink at freehand. It would have also not fit in with the established pattern of my Noise Marines. 

I think that the mini turned out as well as it could have and still fit in with the themes of the army. 

I am very proud of the base. I decided on Ultramarines as the Dead Dread on a whim. The Emperor's Children and the Ultramarines never had any beef or direct conflicts that I know of. I kind of just wanted to paint dead Smurf. 

Because he is dead, I didn't go all out. I wanted the base to be a different, if not precisely contrasting, color. I did not want the base to be painted as good or better than the mini looming over it. I based the base (pun intended) in Kantor Blue, overbrushed Ultramarine blue then washed Dreakenhof Nightshade. I then did a patchy drybrush of Runefang Steel over the whole thing. This added in a half-ass weathering and served as the final highlight for the gold. I then touched up mini with Ultramarine Blue and called it good. 

I used this image from Pintrest as inspiration. 
The gold on the sarcophagus was pretty standard. Based Mournfang Brown, then Gehenna Gold with a Runefang Silver messy highlight. After that it gets a Seraphim Sepia wash and the final highlight is Runefang Silver. 

The blue on the Omega symbol is Celestra Crey washed with Drakenhof Nightshade and then neatly touched up with Celestra Grey again. 

In terms of rules, The second Imperial Armor Apocalypse has rules for a unit of Sonic Dreads under Slaanesh Lament of The Damned. Disregarding the leader and unit rules, the upgrade from Hellbrute to a Sonic Dread costs +20 points. for that you get Assault Grenades and a Dirge Caster. You can upgrade to a Heavy Flamer for +15 points and swap for a Doom Siren for free. You can upgrade to an Auto-cannon for +5 points and then swap to a Blastmaster for free. Total cost for the mini is 145 points which is a little pricey but worth it. 

I am going to stop putting a trade value on minis as no one seems interested in trading for them and I would rather just keep them. This mini costs $71 plus shipping from Forge World but I paid $46 including shipping. Just typing that makes me sentence makes me happy I bought recasts. The paintjob took a while to complete but is pretty standard. I value it at about $50. I did have to ruin a Dreadnought front plate and two arms and those bits cost about $15. The mini is valued at $110 for replacement if I get a recast or $140 from Forge World. 

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