Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the table - Flashgitz

After finishing the Battlewagon it feels empty. It needs some bodies to fill it. The dream has always been to fill it with Flash Gits and devastate everything within 24 inches of it. The Flash Gitz and Battlewagon are in ideal paring as the former can take the latter as a Dedicated Transport. 

To kick things off, I picked a metal Flash Git that predates the current plastic set and one of the minis from the Badrukk's Flash Gits box. Both acquisitions are from Bartertown. The metal guy came as part of a large Orky trade long ago and I got the Badrukk box for 50% retail including shipping from a generous soul. 

I cast out a lot of lines on Bartertown with low offered. 50% retail including shipping is an insane offer. There are two factors that contribute to me making offers like that. It gives us a good place to start from. I say 50% including retail then he says 75% plus shipping. Rond and round we go until either we call each other DBs and walk away or make a deal. Also, I have enough minis to paint for 6 months before needing anything new. That situation puts me in the place of not really wanting to jump at anything unless it is a screaming deal. 

The reactions are mixed to say the least. Most civilized people (about 80%) just say "No thanks." and move on. While I don't really like that approach, I have to respect it. I feel like that is a missed opportunity to negotiate and barter. Just walking away like I am handing out pro-life pamphlets, short-circuits the process and no one gets a deal. If someone would rather not have a deal than negotiate, as much as I do not like it, there is little that I can do to make them play the game the way I want to. 

The other 20% of people that respond are split between the folks that want to negotiate and the unbalanced individuals that want to rant and curse at people. I had had more than a couple of people take a low offer as a personal insult. I know that because they have told me not to "insult them personally" with low offers. Clearly none of these plebeians have ever tried to buy anything in a Moroccan Bazaar or seen the likeness on TV. 

For the most part, people on BT are civil if not always polite. It is the 10% of crazies that really ruin it for everyone. 

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