Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finished (again) - Tomb Blades

It rained yesterday. Today it was sunny. It was going to rain tomorrow. I checked Google weather and slid that little bar across the next 12 hours checking the humidity. 6pm tonight was the lowest the humidity was going to be for a week. If I was going to clear coat the Tomb blades (again) it would have to be now. 

I steadied myself and took a deep breath because if I messed these minis up again, clearly the only choice would be to set them on fire. Flame cures failure... right? I kept the spray can far from the minis and did two light coats on each side. Every time I checked on them I was ready to see the foggy milk of doom settling over them. The second time I checked them, I hallucinated that this was happening but it was just the light. 

The spoiler is in the lead picture; they turned out fine. There is a strange sandy texture to them but al long as they do not look like foggy garbage, I am happy. 

They did turn out overly dark when compared to the other minis in the army. It is a subtle thing, but the shading is intense on them. That must come from two series of washes being applied. 

I did discover a new way to do blue washes while repainting these models. When GW and Citidel changed the paint range, many of the colors changed in subtle ways. I put a post up on Bartertown and got the predictable useless "help" that consisted of a link to an unhelpful chart and some equally useless condescension. I tried to avoid experimentation but it looks like that is all I was left with. But I'm not bitter.

I had not tried any of the glazes but the blue one looked nice a bright so I picked up a pot. I am not sure how you are supposed to use them, but I painted them over a Mythril Silver base and it worked great. It was a little thin but very very bright. I used a little Drakenhof Nightshade in the recesses when the shading was not good enough but I liked it. 

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