Monday, June 8, 2015

Look what just showed up

I have been wanting a Dreamforge Leviathan for a long time and now I have two. I made a mistake and ordered the larger size which is 8.5" tall. this makes it an inch or two shorter than a Warhound titan and an inch too tall for a Knight Titan. I did not know this until after they had arrived and had to place another order for the smaller size which is 1/100 scale. The smaller mini stands about an inch shorter than a Knight Titan, which is what I want to use it as a proxy for. 

Mark at DFG was a rockstar in arranging the second order. He messed up a small part of it but supplied the missing part at no cost. That was a really classy move. Dreamforge Games is one hell of an outfit and I am a fan now. 

Initially, I wanted to return the larger ones but Mark said that I would have to pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Doing the math, I would have rather traded the Leviathan on Bartertown at retail and save the 20%. I would be paying shipping either way and trading not only saves me 20% but, if I was very shrewd, I could trade for more than I paid for them. 
I made one trade for non-DVDA bikes, FW Ork Nob Bikers, Bloodcrushers, Kroot, Tau and some random bits. Probably broke even on this trade but at least the person was sane.

I had arranged a trade with another party who was less so. Dude haggled me down to a brutal trade, agreed to it then backed out. I filed a Back Out Report and he lost his mind because his address was posted online. The details are not relevant, but this guy was, I feel, legitimately insane. 

You run into crazies on BT from time to time but the rules if not the mods are in place to protect the sane from the insane. As long as you take steps to properly protect yourself, BT almighty rules, and to a much greater extent Paypal, protect you being really taken advantage of. 

Emperor knows, that I have still been ripped off by jerkbags. International trading has always been problematic, and I have lost several trade to people in Canada that lied about never receiving items. I have had people say that I forgot an item in a large shipment that I am sure that I included. In those cases, I had to pay them for the "missing" item to make things good. In the end, it is a gentlemen's game, and, though anyone can play, few have what it takes to sustain. 

With almost 8 years and hundreds of trades under my belt, I have only had the displeasure of dealing with the crazies or the scammers a few times. Statistically, they are less than 2% of my encounters but take up what feels like 80% of my time. 

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