Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mostly Finished - Flash Gitz

Too drunk to paint, so we type.

Mostly finished these two guys. They are only missing their Boss Poles and Git Finda. I call that pretty much done. I'll post finished pictures of these minis when the squad of 11 is finished.

11 is the perfect number for a squad of Flash Gitz. Even with mounting a Killkannon, a Battlewagon can carry 12 Orks. That leaves enough room for a Big Mek for Kustom Force Field and 11 Gitz. It is also perfect because that is the number of minis that I have and I do not plan of getting more. 

I adore the way these minis turned out. I don't know that I learned anything from them though. I have incorporated a extra stage to my green skin technique of painting on some purple wash to deepen the tone of the skin to maych the overall dark tone of the minis. It works pretty darn well. 

I had hoped that using Daemonette Hide as my base for green skin and washing it green at a later step would provide an adequate depth of darkness and contrast but I have found that the purple base coat seems to be overwhelmed by the green wash. It seems that no matter how much purple that I leave showing under the green paint, it all gets turned green by the green wash. There are bigger problems in the world, I guess

I am mostly happy with how the minis turned out overall. The intention was to make them black minis with yellow weapons and highlights. I feel like whatever amount of yellow I use, it overwhelms the mini and makes it look yellow. I am regretting wanting to paint the weapons yellow at this point. 

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