Monday, March 9, 2015

Finished - Daemonettes and Herald

I liked painted the Bloodletters. I loved painting Plaguebearers. I hated painting the Pink Horrors and I tolerated painting the Daemonettes. Thankfully my paint scheme was simple enough that I could blow through them pretty quick. 

I have already talked a little about how I painted them. Let's move on to the modeling. 

These are a pretty good minis but as awesome as the nipples and boobs of the metal minis. I don't think the God of Excess is worried about a nipple slip. I can see how GW would be. Since they have been increasingly been targeting a younger market, explaining to a parent why there are nipples and gaping vaginas with teeth on their toys would be something they would want to avoid. Also, the general wargamer tends to not be very enlightened when it comes to Feminism or women in general and taking away their pornographic minis might be a step in the right direction.

Some comments that I have that are not pertinent to nipples or genitalia are how fiddly the connections are. The neck and arms are so small (how small are they?) They are so small that even by roughing the edges, there is not enough surface area to hole them in place. Also, singe GW made the attachment point in the middle of the upper arm rather than at the shoulder, they are not poseable at all. 

It is clear that the Herald and the plastic minis were designed by different people that were maybe not great at communication. I infer that by the size difference in the hair on the Herald and the plastic minis. I wanted to swap the heads to give the Herald the big Drag Queen hair but it looked silly and bumped into the claws. It also makes me ask why even have a herald kit? Why not just put those bits in the plastic kit. I know you can sell more kits ($23 a pop for single minis is pretty sweet for the shareholders), but margins are pretty tight on Finecast kits and aren't you trying to phase those out anyway? 

After the painting was done, I thought about adding some more Bleached Bone to the paint mix and going back to re-highlight all the minis but I was over it. I had tried it on one mini and did not feel that added much to the table-top quality of the paint job. 

Speaking of painting, these minis are painted at 5/10 for me. It is clean but the failures I had with the pink paint mix really set me back. The minis retail for $52 all told and the paint job is worth about $50. Replacement cost would be at $100 and trade cost is about the same. If I had to do things over, I would just get two Daemonette kits and make a plastic herald.

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