Friday, March 6, 2015

Finished - Bloodthirster

I have had this bad little monkey sitting in the CSM and Daemons bin for years now. I tried to get him for a screaming deal as he is a very old, ugly and outdated model, but a very shrewd BTer made me trade more than I wanted to for him. 

Since they removed Bloodthirsters along with the other Greater Daemons from the Chaos Space Marine Codex and I do not regularly play Daemons or a summoning list, I don't know that he will see much table time outside of Apocalypse games. 

I started painting him with the idea of trying to scale up the painting scheme I used on my Bloodletters, but I am not sure how well it turned out. The mini turned out, overall very dark especially the skin and that contrasts in a bad way with the normally bright bone and gold. 

I like the little conversions to this model, that it is metal and that it is done. I added a Khorne symbol to the base and bent the wings a little. Not major conversions but they add a little to the mini. I despise Finecast and for a mini this size, it would have been nightmarish to assemble and keep it safe. Most of all I am happy to have this mini finished and on my shelf. 

I dislike how the ax head is turned and the awkward pose inherent in the model. While assembling, I did not align the ax head properly before the glue set and it is at a silly angle. The head of a ax should be aligned with the long bones of the forearm when the wrist is straight. It is slightly off but it also shows off the ax a little better this way. This mini is built strange and I don't think that any assembly would have this result. 

I think the painting job is pretty good for me at 7.5 out of 10. It took a little hit for overall composition, but other than that it is technically very well painted. Retail value for this mini was somewhere between $40 and $80. Painting a mini this big took me 30 hours which is about standard. I value the painting at about $70 for a total replacement cost of $120. I don't think that anyone will trade for it at that value until the frenzy over new plastic Bloodthirster model has died down. 

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