Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Finished - Long Fangs

In the interest of posting more, here are some crappy pics of my Long Fangs!

While the title and tags say that they are finished, they are not. I still need to apply transfers and clear coat them. After that they will need some static grass (if I decide to go that route with the SW) and only then are they really finished. 

The pictures also turned out crappy. That is likely due to the lighting and the white background. I did not notice how bad they were until I got to posting them. By that point, I just wanted to finish this post and did not want to get out the studio

First up is the sergeant. I do not see many people give their Pack Leader special weapons but I love this guy. That plasma gun is the best deterrent for units assaulting Long Fangs than any power or CCW. In one game, he ran around his brothers and double tapped into a deep-striking unit killing two guys. Then when that assaulted, he killed another with Overwatch. I can't expect him to perform that well every game, but this upgrade is my new lover. 

Next are the Missile Launcher guys. I started with the guy on the far left. He has a very standard pose for a ML Marine. I gave him a fancy wolf skull backpack. His counterpart on the far right is similar and may be the only Long Fang that has a helmet. The fella in the middle I am really proud of. I had painted the head with the long beard braids and could not fit it on the model with a missile launcher. I have always wanted to convert a mini that was in the process of loading a Missile Launcher so much so that I almost ruined a ML long ago trying to remove the arm from the bit. I used some BA Sanguinary Guard and GK Strike Squad hands. 

I don't know what I have against Marines with plasma weapons being modeled firing their weapons, but I have several in that fashion. Maybe they are scared of overheating. I wanted one of the Long Fangs to be firing a pistol instead of his heavy weapon and this guy won the lottery!

As far as cost for these minis, they are comprised of bits from the SW box ($37.25) and the Devastator box ($35.00). Put them both together and average them and you get a cost of $36.125. There is a fair amount of conversions and alterations to these minis valued at about $20. The paint job and basing is pretty standard. Usually I double the cost of the minis for the painting. Total is $92.25 or about $15 per mini. 

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