Monday, July 22, 2013

A Couple of Problems with The GW Site

Oh. Your. God. 
GW: 27.7.13

Me: Is that a date or something, because there is no 27th month.

GW: 27.7.13

Me: Oh you are an British company and that is how you do dates over there. That's cool, but it is pretty lazy for you not to format your dates properly for the US site. It is kind of like the way you spell "colour."

GW: 27.7.13!

Me: So something is going to happen on that date?

GW: Within the perilous jungles...

Me: And?

GW: :::growls:::

Me: That's not really a complete sentence. You should only use an ellipsis to indicate either a thought that you are going to continue or being interrupted.

GW: 27.7.13

Me: GAH! We all know what it is that you are tying to do and it is not working. No one sees this and gets all excited. The only reason that anyone watches the video is in the hopes of some or any information. Way to disappoint.

GW: 27.7.13

Me: LIZARDMEN! You are going to release Lizardmen!

GW: Maaaaaybe.

Me: Actually it won't even be a real release date. You'll just talk about the upcoming White Dwarf featuring Lizardmen and put up minis for pre-order. I wont even be able to buy the new minis on the 27th.

This adverteasing is getting old. I don't know who thinks this is a good idea but it does nothing for sales. Anyone that is smart enough to google up some rumors (which, judging by all the hits I am getting on this post, many of you are doing) and see what they are talking about. Perhaps, GW should take a little more control over their releases.

EDIT: And I was right again! Pre-order and White Dwarf promo. GW is getting painfully predictable.


In similarly disheartening news, this picture appeared in GW's Flickr gallery. Nothing says that the minis in that gallery need to be stellar, but you would think that they would be cleaned properly. Mold lines are enough to ruin a model, but if you are not going to clean the place where the bit attaches to the sprue then why bother. There is no sense in painting something that you were so careless to prepare. Also, while we all make mistakes from time ti time, this kind of sloppy workmanship does not belong on their gallery.

Also, I don't know this person but their paint is crap. Not their painting, which is pretty good but the liquid paint. See how crusty and rough the coat on the legs is? That's dried paint in the pot.

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