Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finished - Dark Angel Captain

I finished this mini that has been sitting on my painting table for probably a year.  I do not play Dark Angles now and with no plans to start a force. If I ever do it will be a long long time away.

Green is an amazingly easy color to paint. Maybe I am saying that because red so miserable to paint. It shades nicely with black and to make the highlight all you need to do is add a little white to your base color. It covers well even over a black undercoat.

Dark Angels present a specific problem of needing to paint dark, almost black, armor while still making it green and highlighting it. Dark Angel Green goes on ok over a black undercoat but it looks much better over a lighter one. Knarloc Green goes on great over a black coat and DAG looks great over that. After that you can give a sloppy highlight of Snott Green. A black wash darkens everything down and still retains depth and highlighting.

After this, less is more. the more you monkey with things, the worse it looks. Just a little Snott Green on the hard edges and the barest whisper of Goblin Green makes form awesome green armor.

I am not a big fan of this mini. It has a very static and closed posture. There are no interesting bits that you can swap out. I take that back. The bare head that comes in this kit is loaded with personality and I wish I had more of them. The helmeted head with the wings is too boxy and square for my tastes. The winged helmets from the plastic DA upgrade box and the Dark Vengeance box are superior.

I used the metal backpack with the banner from Crowe. Despite it being a Grey Knight backpack, it works well as DA love sword iconography too. I was never going to use it for anything as I am not a fan of banners.

I put this mini up on Cool Mini or Not. It is not my best work as there are a couple of places where brush strokes are evident and several instances of wash pooling in recesses. There are mistakes that I am sure will affect its rating. If I had to hazard a guess, I would clock this one in at a 6.5 which means that it will probably rate a 5.5. Those guys are harsh over there.

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