Sunday, January 20, 2013

-1 Faith in GW

I unsubscribed from GW newsletter today and the picture below is why.

I am so disappointed in GW for this nonsense. The most recent newsletter was a lot of PR rhetoric about these new one click bundles as if they are something new and hot. All these things are are a grouping of vaguely themed items with catchy names. There is no reason to buy these unless they are exactly what you are looking for. There is not even a discount for buying in bulk. The price of the bundles are the same as purchasing the items individually.

This is not news. These are not new items. This does not make me interested in buying from GW. This has no bushiness in my inbox. This is an example of GW abusing their direct marketing and my trust in them when I placed my email in their hands.

'Hobbyists often wonder: "What miniatures should I collect next?" '

No, GW. That is not what hobbyest think. That may be what your marketing department wants a hobbyist to think and that just shows how out of touch with your customers you are. That is sad.

Here is what a hobbyest is really thinking, Man, there are a lot of minis I want but I only have $50. What do I want most and how far can I stretch that money the farthest?" It is that line of thought that takes them out of the GW store (really only good for picking up supplies and inpulse buying IMHO) and only Bartertown and eBay to try to get the most for their money. At no point are they thinking about dropping $100+ on a bundle of minis that they do not want regardless of how many clicks it takes to buy them.

I am going to email GW and link them to this post and my blog and see if that precipitation any change. I doubt it as GW seems to think that this garbage is a good idea. I'll be here to tell them and you that it is not as long as they keep it up.

I love the product that GW produces, but the marketing is unfocused and out of control. I used to love White Dwarf before it became an advertisement that I paid to receive. I used to like the blog before it became little more than marketing mouthpiece. The news letter has been pushing it for a while but these bundles are too much. I'd rather miss out on what GW is putting out than suffer through such obvious ploys.

My problem with you, GW, is not that you are trying to sell me minis. It is that you are not trying very hard to disguise that you are. That is insulting to my intelligence. Not only it is not going to work on me if you are so lazy in your advertisements, but I am likely to buy less.

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