Monday, January 30, 2012

Draigo Broke the Embargo!

We got this Embargo on but I had a rough day and wanted something to make me feel pretty. I was going to buy him before the Embargo started. I just wanted it OK! I can justify it however I want. I have only bought two minis (this and the Command Barge) since September and that is pretty good. Crap, I just remembered that I bought some bits from GW Direct and that totally violates the Embargo. They were not emergency or needed to finish a current project. I just wanted more Deathwatch bits because I was excited about the RPG and wanted to make more marines. I even had bits.

I've been seen slinking around Bartertown too. While I have not bought anything, I have done some trades and that has cost me about $30 in postage. I did get a Drop Pod for just a few bases and that was a screaming deal. Crap, I just remember that I bought some stuff but it was too good to pass up. I got a bunch of classic Orks and Snotlings, like a freezerbag full, and some NOS Bikers all for the price of what the bikers would have been retail. Ok so not a great deal but a good one. The Orks are crappy and old and not goo for much other than bits. The Snotlings may be useful but only if I can mix them in with better models.

So, I guess I am not doing so great.

The cards are being paid down but not as fast as I might expect or would want. My big order is a long way off.

In terms of Draigo, I am taking and painting him for a few reasons and none of them ate the most common reason you see him on the table top. I like the model. I think it is well-detailed and well done. I have some gripes about the bare head looking kinda dumb and the sword arm is at an awkward angle, but other than those two minor and easily-fixable gripes, I like it.

He is a great HQ Choice. He is brutal all around but especially so against daemons. He does not have the Nemesis force sword and so does not get the bonus to his invul save but does have the storm shield so it is 6 of one and half dozen of another. He is loaded with special rules and awesome psychic powers. He is a monster. I wonder who would win in a fight between him and Mephestion.

You mostly see Draigo for his ability to make Paladins Troops. Palis are two wound terminators with access to better wargear and the Holocost psychic power. They are nasty nasty and for only 15 points more than a regular GK Termie. With Draigo you can take the tritely-named Draigowing army that is nothing but these super-elite killing machines and their transports. This takes the Deathwing (hince the uncreative name) to a new level of cheesy without no real fluff reasons or drawbacks aside from the low model count.

I can't focus my dislike of Draigo and termies army lists into a coherent thesis. I see it taken by douchbags playing to win with unfair and unfun armies. I do not see any reasons to do this other than being power-hungry and win-crazy.

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