Thursday, September 1, 2011


Who rules Batertown?

Read my lips, no new TMM.

Man, this is really hard. I've spent too damn much on minis lately and it is hurting the budget. Time to tighten the belt and paint what you got. I know, I've said this before, but this time I am serious.

Here is the plan: Not gonna buy any new stuff. Just not gonna. I will add the things that I want to a wishlist. When the CC are all paid off, I can treat myself to either a small GW direct order or a large War Store Order. $50 for the former and $150 for the latter.

Just to be clear, things that are not included in this list are: Books (including any Codex or book that is less than $35), hobby supplies, video games (as long as they are less than $40), painting commissions (less than $20), emergency bits (must be used immediately to finish current project and must be less than $35). There will be a Battle Foam order placed, but $100 of that is already taken care of. Order not to exceed $50. Those things are still cool.

To be honest, I am going to try and squeeze some things trough the door of reasonable doubt but you can't let me. Absolutely no Forge world orders of any kind. No Bartertown at all. Don't even look at it. No eBay.

Hopefully by the end of Winter, I'll have my stuff straight and be able to place my order. Maybe this will let me get some things finished.

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